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Edge Planter Boxes Adelaide

Adelaide Smart Edge Planters are a good, durable, lightweight UV stabilised substitute to actual timber, brick, and concrete masonry garden edges. The Adelaide Smart Edge Planter can be placed anywhere. Be it in your lawn or any space so as to give the effect of a raised edge.

It’s designed in such a way that it is easy to install and place and comes with a snap lock system. Most of all, wherever it is placed, it just looks perfect and blends into the setting seamlessly.

It has a slim profile and that way, the Adelaide Smart Edge planter looks neat and sleek. And it is typically maintenance-free and if placed in the garden, roots of other plants do not come into this.

It is available in a range of finishes and colours more so, it is designed in such a way it can blend in well, wherever or against whatever it is placed.

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Edge Planter Boxes Adelaide
Edge Planter Boxes Adelaide

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Smart Planters is an original, home-grown, Made in Australia, modular planter boxes and the company came into being about 4 years ago and since then we have had a good run and our visibility is reaching the length and breadth of the country.

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The Smart Planters are made from recycled PVC that is UV stabilized. The Smart Planters are very conveniently designed.

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