Smart Vegetable Planter Sunshine Coast

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Smart Vegetable Planter Sunshine Coast

A unique and interestingly designed, and most of all, a custom-made, veggie planter perfect for any location or setting. In a way, it was designed to fit into sloped land areas even.

The Sunshine Coast Smart Vegetable Planters comes with a perimeter, neatly braced, with a retaining wall raised above ground so as to offer easy access to plant and water without having to bend over. Not just this, you can keep pests like rats or rodents out too. As they don’t have a floor the vegetable planter can benefit from soil organisms and worms while at the same time, water drainage is good too.

Vegetable Planter Boxes Sunshine Coast
Vegetable Planter Boxes Sunshine Coast

Smart Terrace Series

There are 5 different types under the Melbourne Smart Terrace Planter series and the range of products includes:

Size : 1000Lx415Wx440HPrice: $103
Size : 1000Lx615Wx440HPrice: $131
Size : 1000Lx815Wx440HPrice: $148
Size : 1000Lx1015Wx440HPrice: $160
Size : 1000Lx415W840HPrice: $190
Size : 1000Lx615Wx840HPrice: $219
Size : 1000Lx815Wx840HPrice: $240
Size : 1000Lx1015Wx840HPrice: $264
Size : 1000Lx415Wx640HPrice: $146
Size : 1000Lx615Wx640HPrice: $159
Size : 1000Lx815Wx640HPrice: $176
Size : 1000Lx1015Wx640HPrice: $190
Size : 1000Lx415Wx1040HPrice: $200
Size : 1000Lx615Wx1040HPrice: $214
Size : 1000Lx815Wx1040HPrice: $229
Size : 1000Lx1015Wx1040HPrice: $273


Size : 1000Lx315Wx340HPrice: $88
Size : 1000Lx615Wx340HPrice: $103
Size : 1000Lx915Wx340HPrice: $123
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx340HPrice: $140
Size : 1000Lx315Wx940HPrice: $158
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx940HPrice: $254
Size : 1000Lx315Wx640HPrice: $123
Size : 1000Lx615Wx640HPrice: $150
Size : 1000Lx915Wx640HPrice: $178
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx640HPrice: $196
Size : 1000Lx615Wx940HPrice: $180
Size : 1000Lx915Wx940HPrice: $199
All prices are plus GST.

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