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About Us

Smart Planters is an original, home-grown, Made in Australia, modular planter boxes and the company came into being about 4 years ago and since then we have had a good run and our visibility is reaching the length and breadth of the country.

What are Smart Planters?

Smart Planters are ingenious, home-grown, Made in Australia, modular range of planter boxes that are perfected for landscaping and gardening. And these planters are not your typical only to be placed in a garden type of planters. Our innovative product range has on offer planter boxes that can be placed anywhere, whatever is the area or the size, and we have a planter box just suiting that setting. So, if you want to have planter boxes in your terrace, garden, patio, balcony, veranda, indoors, in corners or you want it in the form of a stand that can be placed just about anywhere, we have it.

If you visualise a planter box design, you can be sure that we have it. We designed and developed the range of planter box products with endless possibilities. And most of all, in addition to our standard, wide-ranging products, if you want customised planter boxes we can have that also done for you. We will work with you to create a specific dimensioned, size, area, and type of product that suits your specifications to the hilt.

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Our Smart Planter Product range includes:

  Smart Accessibility Planter
  Smart Terrace Planter
  Smart Corner Planter
  Smart Troughs Planter
  Smart Design Planter
  Smart Vegetables Planter
  Smart Squares Planter
  Vertical Gardens Planter
  Smart Edge Planter
  Customised Smart Planters

The Smart Planter design benefits

The Smart Planter are made from recycled PVC that is UV stabilized. The Smart Planters are very conveniently designed. They come with a detachable, removable base, and each panel is hollow in cross-section. This in a way serves as a heat cushion and it minimizes the heat from transferring to plant roots and thus, the plants are not as prone to drying and therefore, maintenance and watering needs is also lessened.

And we will more than assemble and ship to anywhere in Continent Australia. Our products can also be packed and shipped in a way that it is ready to assemble.

Accordingly, our smart planter product range covers, standard planter pots and boxes, troughs, raised planters, long narrow planters, edge planter boxes, terraced planters and more.

The standard colours our Smart Planters come in would be Charcoal, Dark Green, Black, Sandstone, and Terracotta.

Want to order a couple Smart Planters? Then write in to us at smartplanterboxes@gmail.com or call us on our number +61 493 559 226.

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