Terrace Planter Boxes Melbourne

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Terrace Planter Boxes Melbourne

Melbourne Smart Terrace Planters are a range of terraced planters or pots that is ideal to grow a range of veggies, herbs, and shrubs. They are so innovatively designed that it makes them even more attractive and user-friendly. They come in a layered or tiered form and this way you can plant different types of plants in the different levels. The resultant effect is that you get a great spot of verdant green anywhere you choose to place this and the cascading foliage effect adds to the aura of the space and dramatically improvises it.

Planter Boxes Melbourne
Planter Boxes Melbourne

Smart Terrace Series

There are 5 different types under the Melbourne Smart Terrace Planter series and the range of products includes:

Size : 1000Lx415Wx440H Price: $103
Size : 1000Lx615Wx440H Price: $131
Size : 1000Lx815Wx440H Price: $148
Size : 1000Lx1015Wx440H Price: $160
Size : 1000Lx415W840H Price: $190
Size : 1000Lx615Wx840H Price: $219
Size : 1000Lx815Wx840H Price: $240
Size : 1000Lx1015Wx840H Price: $264
Size : 1000Lx415Wx640H Price: $146
Size : 1000Lx615Wx640H Price: $159
Size : 1000Lx815Wx640H Price: $176
Size : 1000Lx1015Wx640H Price: $190
Size : 1000Lx415Wx1040H Price: $200
Size : 1000Lx615Wx1040H Price: $214
Size : 1000Lx815Wx1040H Price: $229
Size : 1000Lx1015Wx1040H Price: $273


Size : 1000Lx315Wx340H Price: $88
Size : 1000Lx615Wx340H Price: $103
Size : 1000Lx915Wx340H Price: $123
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx340H Price: $140
Size : 1000Lx315Wx940H Price: $158
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx940H Price: $254
Size : 1000Lx315Wx640H Price: $123
Size : 1000Lx615Wx640H Price: $150
Size : 1000Lx915Wx640H Price: $178
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx640H Price: $196
Size : 1000Lx615Wx940H Price: $180
Size : 1000Lx915Wx940H Price: $199
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