Square Planter Boxes

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Square Planter Boxes 

Are you looking for perfect square-shaped planter pots that are suited to just about any indoor or outdoor environment? The Smart Squares from Smart Planter Boxes are perfect for you. Based in NSW, Smart Planter Boxes can provide you with square planters in Sydney or deliver our square pots across Australia. 

Our square planter boxes are ideal to be placed on the balcony or in open areas because they are very sturdy and won’t be toppled over by high winds or breezes. The flat square base offers great stability, making it perfect for heavier, taller plants, trees and shrubs.

Custom Made Square Planters

Ask us to personalise your square pots in the size that suits your space. We specialise in custom made square planters and can provide a solution wherever you are. So whether you need square planter boxes in Adelaide or square planter boxes in Sydney, we are here for you.

Delivery Destinations

Are you looking for square planter boxes in Brisbane? Maybe you need square planter boxes on the Gold Coast or square planter boxes down in Melbourne. Our team delivers to a range of destinations for you, including:

Planter Boxes Perth
Planter Boxes Perth
Planter Boxes Perth
Planter Boxes Perth
Planter Boxes Perth
Planter Boxes Perth

Smart Squares Planter Series


Size : 1000Lx415Wx440H Weight: 17kg Price: $124.00
Size : 1000Lx620Wx440H Weight: 19kg Price: $160.00
Size : 1000Lx825Wx440H Weight: 24kg Price: $180.00
Size : 1000Lx1030Wx440H Weight: 29kg Price: $194.00
Size : 1000Lx415W840H Weight: 34kg Price: $230.00
Size : 1000Lx620Wx840H Weight: 38kg Price: $279.00
Size : 1000Lx825Wx840H Weight: 45kg Price: $300.00
Size : 1000Lx1030Wx840H Weight: 52kg Price: $347.00
Size : 1000Lx415Wx640H Weight: 23kg Price: $180.00
Size : 1000Lx620Wx640H Weight: 27kg Price: $193.00
Size : 1000Lx825Wx640H Weight: 33kg Price: $220.00
Size : 1000Lx1030Wx640H Weight: 36kg Price: $240.00
Size : 1000Lx415Wx1040H Weight: 39kg Price: $253.00
Size : 1000Lx620Wx1040H Weight: 47kg Price: $300.00
Size : 1000Lx825Wx1040H Weight: 49kg Price: $359.00
Size : 1000Lx1030Wx1040H Weight: 56kg Price: $373.00


Size : 1000Lx315Wx340H Weight: 11kg Price: $138.00
Size : 1000Lx615Wx340H Weight: 14kg Price: $171.00
Size : 1000Lx915Wx340H Weight: 17kg Price: $197.00
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx340H Weight: 21kg Price: $205.00
Size : 1000Lx315Wx940H Weight: 20kg Price: $253.00
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx940H Weight: 29kg Price: $306.00
Size : 1000Lx315Wx640H Weight: 16kg Price: $189.00
Size : 1000Lx615Wx640H Weight: 21kg Price: $212.00
Size : 1000Lx915Wx640H Weight: 26kg Price: $242.00
Size : 1000Lx1215Wx640H Weight: 27kg Price: $364.00
Size : 1000Lx615Wx940H Weight: 29kg Price: $306.00
Size : 1000Lx915Wx940H Weight: 31kg Price: $330.00
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