Accessibility Planter Boxes

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Accessibility Planter Boxes

Planter Boxes Canberra

The word ‘accessibility’ itself has many connotations. Yes. It means that the planter is accessible. And it is accessible to all. And how you may ask? Well, this planter has been designed in such a way, that even people who are on a wheelchair or are disabled in some way can still grow a green thumb or indulge in gardening, thanks to the Smart Accessibility Planter Canberra.

It offers easy access to gardening and they can be placed just about anywhere. These planters come in single, double, or even quad varieties and can be arranged the way you want or in a place of your choice like a patio, balcony, terrace, or backyard even. Since these accessibility planters are designed to be disabled-friendly, the planter height and reach is designed as per the height and fit of a wheelchair and this offers easy access to all sides and areas of the planter as there are specific corners where the wheelchair can be placed in and gardening can be engaged in.

Not just this, there is a neatly designed tray that is high in usability quotient, and all gardening tools and accessories can be placed on this.

The Canberra Smart Accessibility Planter comes with a false bottom and this in a way means that too much soil is not required and is strong and durable.

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