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Smart Vegetable Planter 

Unique, interestingly designed, and most of all, custom-made, our vegetable planter boxes are perfect for any location or setting. You can even use our veggie planters to great effect in sloped areas! 

Our Smart Vegetable Planters come with a neatly braced perimeter and a retaining wall that's raised above the ground. This offers easy access for you, allowing you to plant and water without having to bed over. As well as this, the raised design makes it easier to keep rodents, pests and insects out of your veggies. As they don't have a floor, these vegetable planters can benefit from soil organisms and worms while at the same time offering excellent water drainage. 

Whether you’re looking for vegetable planter boxes in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, we can help you. Based in NSW, we offer vegetable planter boxes in Sydney and can also ship vegetable planter boxes to Melbourne, Queensland, and beyond. 

All of our veggie planters are pre-assembled and shipped to you in an easy to assemble package.         

There are several different veggie planters available as standard and you can view some of the sizes, weights, and prices on this page. Further customisation is also available to perfectly fit a veggie planter into your space.

Delivery Destinations

Whether you’re looking for vegetable planter boxes on the Gold Coast or across SA, Smart Planter Boxes is here for you. Explore our full range of delivery destinations below, from vegetable planter boxes in Brisbane to planters in Sutherland, Adelaide, or the heart of Melbourne.

Based in Caringbah, Smart Planter Boxes offers wheelchair accessible planters in New South Wales, but we also ship to locations across the country. This means you can get a wheelchair accessible planter in Adelaide or a wheelchair accessible planter in Melbourne and beyond. 

Our delivery destinations include: 

  • New South Wales: Sydney
  • New South Wales: Sutherland Shire
  • Queensland: Gold Coast
  • Queensland: Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Melbourne

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