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Vertical Gardens Planter Boxes

Are you looking for the best vertical planter boxes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide? The eye-catching, interesting design of our vertical garden planter boxes has to be seen to be believed. 

The vertical planter boxes from the Smart Planter team make it easy to create a vertical garden. Each vertical planter we provide is made from recycled PVC, making them very stable, durable, and easy to install. You can also rest assured that every product is 100% made in Australia. 

Your vertical garden planter will come with hollow planks that feature intuitive air pockets. These pockets prevent heat from getting to the soil, allowing it to retain more moisture and benefiting your plants in the long run. 

You can place your vertical garden practically wherever you want with these planters. Whether it’s by the window or door, in the corner of a room, or on a balcony, rooftop, courtyard, or patio, your new vertical garden will look the part. Even if you don’t have much space, a vertical garden can fit neatly and enhance the look of your environment.

Whether you have a villa, a townhouse, an apartment, or a large home, you can have a vertical garden. You can grow smaller plants, herbs, veggies, flowering plants, and more, providing thick green foliage for your space! 

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Delivery Destinations

Whether you’re looking for vertical planter boxes in Brisbane or vertical planter boxes in Melbourne, we can help you. We deliver pre-assembled planters that are easy to install in any space. Our delivery destinations include: 

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane

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Planter Boxes Gold Coast
Planter Boxes Gold Coast
Planter Boxes Gold Coast
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