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Vertical Gardens Planter Boxes

The eye-catching, interesting design of the Smart Planter, Vertical Gardens have to be bought to be believed. A novel new planter methodology from Smart Planter, it is made from PVC and it is very stable, durable, and easy to install. And most of all, it is 100% Made in Australia product. It comes with hollow planks with good air pockets so as to prevent heat from getting into the soil. This way the soil is able to retain moisture and this will only benefit the plants in the long run.

Practically, you can place the vertical garden wherever you choose or you want it to be placed. Whether it is by the window or a door or in a balcony, rooftops, courtyards, patio, or the corner of a room, or even if space is a constraint, a vertical garden will neatly fit and sit there and augment the look of the space or room. Whether you have a villa, a townhouse, an apartment, or a large home, you can have a vertical garden. You can grow smaller plants, herbs, veggies, flowering plants and the result is thick, green foliage.

Planter Boxes Gold Coast
Planter Boxes Gold Coast
Planter Boxes Gold Coast
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