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If you’re looking for innovative planter boxes and garden pots in Adelaide, you’re in the right place. The modular planters available from Smart Planter Boxes are like no other. Each planter is made from recycled, UV stabilised PVC materials and comes in the design of your choice. Your new modular planter will have a detachable base and a hollow cross-section in each panel, allowing for minimal heat transfer to your plants and lower maintenance for your garden overall.

Designed for the landscape and garden industry, you can get a modular planter in Adelaide that's perfect for inside your home, out in the garden, in a café or restaurant, and a range of other settings.

Proudly Australian Made, Smart Planter Boxes are packed and shipped to you for easy assembly. The standard colours available include Sandstone, Black, Terracotta, Charcoal, and Dark Green.


With a wide range of designs on offer and custom planters also available, there’s no limit to where your new planter boxes and garden pots can go. The Smart Planter Boxes Range includes: 

  • Accessibility planters: Designed with wheelchair accessibility and other disabilities in mind, these planters offer a lower height and easy reach.
  • Corner planters: L-shaped designs that fit perfectly into the corner of any patio, balcony, space, or room. The perfect space divider in cafes, restaurants, and alfresco areas
  • Square planters: A sturdy design that can stand up to high winds in open areas. Also the perfect home for heavier trees and plants

Explore our full range of modular planters in Adelaide now, including edge planters, trough planters, veggie planters, vertical gardens and custom designs!


  • Garden Pots
  • Modular Planter


How the Smart Planter idea was born

When making vinyl slate blinds, we discovered that the resultant wastage was a lot and disposing it off wasn’t as easy or since the waste was at times too much, we started thinking ways of recycling it and putting it to good use. We realized that the recycled product should be useful, noticeable and make a difference. And that is when we struck upon this pioneering idea of making planter boxes from vinyl slate.



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